How to Successfully Organise a Craft Event

Organising a craft event allows you to make your hobby more profitable and connect with other individuals who have the same creative nature. It also offers vendors an avenue to reach a new customer base. However, organising a successful craft event requires a lot of time, patience and professional skills. You will have to possess good marketing skills in order to attract good vendors and the right crowd for a successful event, alongside finding a venue, developing a floor plan, rules, collecting money and organising the set up.

Here are few tips for you to get started.

Pick the venue – Deciding on the venue is crucial to your event’s overall success.  When picking a venue, consider factors like how big the event should be, the available parking and the impact of traffic. Also, decide whether you want to run a craft fair indoors or outdoors. An important tip to remember is that it is better to pick a slightly larger venue than you require. Not only does this leave room for additional customers, it also gives more room to manoeuvre and organise. Another important aspect is the equipment that you need and it is important to discover whether the venue you are considering will provide you with that service or you need to hire additional tools.

Select a suitable date and time – One of the first thing to decide when organising an event is the date and time. Craft fairs are usually run over one or two days and often on the weekends, although some shows can go for a week. Depending on the venue, typical times to run them would be from 10 am to 5 pm. The fair could also be held during a music festival or attached to other cultural and social gatherings, during spring and summer. Evening fairs are also popular during Christmas when people are looking to buy something special. However research the area and any similar activities taking place locally, as this might increase the competition beyond a profitable margin and it might not attract customers.

Decide on the theme – Choosing the right venue for the event is crucial, but choosing the theme will influence the guidelines you establish for exhibiting at the fair. The theme you choose should match your overall objective for the event and help stall holders determine whether they want to come. Select the right tagline for your crafts event as it will form the centrepiece of ideas for the vendors and also help attract customers.

Recruit help – When the venue is booked and the theme is decided, the next thing is to hire people for help. A crafts event requires a lot of preparations and setting up, so it is recommended you have a team to make the show a success. However, sourcing the staff on a temporary basis can be one of the most time consuming and toughest tasks of the entire even organising process. This is where labour hire companies come in. Agencies often have a high number of staff at hand which they send out to different events as per the staff skills. So contact an agency for labour hire in Melbourne to recruit any additional staffs you require to fit your specific needs.

Marketing and promotion – This is one of the critical aspects of any event and helps you gain your crowd of buyers. The first step is to create a flyer with all the information such as the venue, time and theme. You can opt to promote online or offline, using platforms like social media or websites to spread the word. Also, make sure that all your marketing and promotions are consistent. Ask your team members to collaborate with their connections to spread the word.

Whether it is your first time or one of many, these craft fair organising tips will help ensure that you have a successful show.